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Pre and Post Production


Voice Casting Services

At Proworks-Audio we supply a global voice casting service. We offer a complete range of audio post production and voice casting services provided either in-house or via an affiliated company.
We can produce audio dry or mixed to music or effects.

Enquire about our creative commercial audio production services and casting service for advertising agencies, media, broadcasting and radio stations including script writing, distribution, translations, proof reading, copy editing and copyright negotiation.


Categories include the following:

  • E-learning

  • Messaging on hold

  • Narratives

  • Commercials

  • Webinars

  • Instructional how to audio

  • Podcasts

  • Infomercials



Language Translations

We provide language translation services to a cross section of industries throughout the UK and worldwide. Please visit our translation page for further information.


International Voiceovers

We source, cast and supply international language voiceovers. With this service we additionally produce video subtitling of which at times also encompasses dubbing.


Multimedia Audio

With a complete multimedia studio at hand we create sound tracks and compositions for training videos and multimedia projects.


Computer Game Voice Overs

Combined with audio production, we provide voice talent services for console, PC, iPhone and online gaming.


IVR Systems

On Hold Messaging Services

Our voice casting and audio production services produce recorded on hold messages and music on hold. This covers areas such as voicemails, voicemail messaging systems, auto attendants, websites, presentations, multimedia, corporate telecommunications and after hour messaging. Within this field we supply and offer a professional one stop recording service to assist companies in their day to day business.


Voice Casting Agents

Let us project manage your entire voice casting and audio production needs!


At Proworks-Audio we supply our clients a complete all in one bespoke package to suit their individual project requirements, regardless of how large or small their audio production assignment may be.


Why not let us move your project through these following steps making the entire process easier for you.

  • Source, cast and audition quality voiceover artists.

  • Present a choice of selective talent for you to choose from.

  • Record your selected artists from around the world.

  • Manage and record all your audio production requirements.

  • Deliver the fully edited and completed package direct to your desktop

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“Bespoke Casting Made Easier For You”



For voice casting services
Call us direct on +44 07768878954

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