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Outsourcing And Freelancing At Proworks-Audio.


In today's technological world using the Internet, you have flexible options to complete a job.
We continue to receive a growing number of enquires from:


as well as other production studios who wish to outsource or freelance their current projects to other professionals in the sound production field.


So when considering outsourcing your projects, make a Proworks-Audio freelancer your first choice.



Why Outsource To Our Sound Production Studio?

Experienced, qualified professionals and experts in all things audio!

If your business is snowed under with work schedules or you cannot internally spread your resources to cover your project's deadlines or criteria, we understand the pressure this can create especially when the client demands their project on time and on budget. By using our service we can help alleviate some of the unnecessary pressure.


As contractors and freelancers to your business we can produce a project for a set fee which means that during those quiet times there is no need to cover any extra wages or salaries.


The Proworks audio post production outsourcing service we provide, enables us to work in our studio and supply all your post production requirements direct to your office via the internet worldwide reducing your business overheads.



Outsourcing Studio.

Examples of how we can assist.


You return from your filming location with a new documentary and you realise that the interview you recorded cannot be properly distinguished due to excessive background noise.


You question whether the recording can be salvaged.


Well, here is the good news, outsource the project to us and we will assist in restoring the audio so the voices can be clearly heard and the background noise reduced or even eliminated.



You are a game developer and require a recording studio to create sound effects or voice overs.


More good news, we can access hundreds of sound libraries and can also design, record and create sound effects as well as audition, cast, record and synchronise voiceovers. So in fact, all of your requirements can be fully covered by our one stop shop outsourcing service.


Contact Us now for further assistance and we will be delighted to discuss any outsourcing needs with you.



Experienced Outsourcing Professionals!

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Outsourcing with Proworks means you have more time to answer those phone calls!