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We thank you for visiting our website and would like say that your location is never a problem as our production studio covers a global market and therefore we can deliver our services UK and worldwide. We encourage you to contact us with regard to any queries regarding any of the services we provide or for a free non obligation quotation.


Just a reminder regarding quotations.


In certain circumstances we may require a sample of audio to be provided in order to assess the potential work involved. This would particularly be the case with audio forensics and sound restoration.


We would also like to remind clients that we do not simply run audio files through machines and walk away. We are highly skilled professionals who actually manually clean audio files with professional industry software and hardware as well as perform our own analysis, diagnostics testing in our studio and audio cleaning lab.



Please use the details below to enquire about all our services including the following:


Pre, Post Production

Forensic Sound Analysis

Sound Enhancement

Sound Restoration

Voice Casting






Location: UK


Telephone: +44 07768878954


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All enquiries are strictly confidential and will not be passed on
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Please Note:


We currently have no job or work experience vacancies available and are not accepting enquiries of this nature.





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