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Sound Restoration - Audio Enhancement - Audio Cleaning Lab Company.


At Proworks sound recording studio, we specialise in enhancing audio and we operate as a cleaning lab service. We can assist you by providing quality sound restoration and audio enhancement services as well as assisting you with professional editing and mastering packages.


We have many enquiries regarding analogue audio tape enhancements and the restoring of poor quality sound tracks from a large varied selection of sources, spanning a wide range of industries. In all cases our cleaning lab has successfully restored and achieved first class quality results leading to our ever growing pool of satisfied client testimonials who recommend our professional services based on the very high standard of results we consistently achieve, often exceeding client's expectations.


We can digitalise and restore sound recordings as well as clean and remove unwanted sounds, hiss, buzzing, distortion or hum. We can also digitally enhance voices, dialogue, music and sounds on poor quality audibility recordings and at the same time improve the overall sound quality.

Our sound restoration clients.

Our sound restoration and audio enhancement services are very popular with private individuals who desire to have an important or valuable recording restored, cleaned or enhanced to their chosen digital format. An example of this is vintage or noir movies and priceless historical keepsakes.


Our audio restoration clients.

  • Broadcasting and media

  • Professionals

  • Universities and lecturers

  • Schools

  • Historians

  • Transcription companies

  • Translation companies

  • Commercial establishments

  • Libraries and archivists

  • Collectors

  • Corporate organisations

  • Small businesses

  • Performers, musicians and entertainers

  • Defence solicitors and law enforcement agencies

  • Private detectives and the legal services

Definition of the term sound restoration.

Sound restoration also commonly known as audio restoration entails advanced computerised techniques that digitise, enhance and restore a recording from media such as vinyl and magnetic tapes. Once transferred to digital format, recordings can be restored, enhanced and cleaned up using professional audio software and audio hardware with specialised audio filters. Examples of filtered sound in the process of restoration may include de-clippers and noise reduction units, which eliminate pops, crackles, hiss, hum, clicks and reduce noise.

Our specialised sound restoration and audio enhancement services.

  • Archives restoration

  • Audio cleaning

  • Audio editing

  • Audio enhancement

  • Audio mastering

  • Noise removal

  • Preservation

  • Restoration

  • Hiss removed

  • De-hissing

  • Distortion removal

  • Music restoration

  • Noise reduction

  • Hum removal

  • Sound restoration

  • Buzz removal

  • Click pop removal

  • Industrial noise removal

  • Reduction of street noise or background sounds from recordings

  • Cassette tape recording restoration, enhanced and transferred to CD

  • Vinyl, EP’s, LP's and 45’s restored, enhanced and transferred to CD

  • Enhance or remove dialogue from recordings

  • Audio tape enhancements

  • Audio recording restoration

  • Enhancement of poor quality recordings

  • Muffled recording restoration

  • Historical film audio and video restoration

  • Poor quality recording restoration

For audio enhanced or sound restoration services call direct on +44 07768878954

Sound Restoration - Enhancement Services.