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Pre and Post Production



Audio Production Recording Studio

Welcome to Proworks-Audio Analogue Digital Recording Services UK


With over 25 years experience as a long established professional audio post production sound studio we specialise in both pre production sound and post production sound covering many varied areas, genres and services to a multi platform of individual clientele and industries.

  • Audio cleaning

  • Audio dubbing

  • Audio duplication

  • Audio editing

  • Audio enhancement

  • Transcription services

  • Audio forensics

  • Audio mastering

  • Audio restoration

  • Voice forensics

  • Tape transfer

  • Translations services

  • Audio transfer services

  • Audio video synchronization

  • DVD duplication

  • Digital duplication

  • Post production sound

  • Sound restoration


Audio Post Production Sound.

The expression post production refers to the period in a project's development that takes place after the initial sound is recorded or voiceover script is written. All our in-house production is recorded using Pro Tools®, Sony Soundforge®, Reason® and specialist recording enhancement and cleaning software. We have state of the art equipment that produces a professional industry standard sound quality.

Audio Dubbing.

Audio dubbing relates to the replacement of voices or a voice on recorded film and is also known as ADR which means automatic dialogue replacement. In our audio post production studio we commonly use this process when a motion picture requires voices recorded in languages that are foreign to the voice of the original recording.

Audio Editing.

Audio editing involves the process of removing sections, adding and or rearranging from recorded files. Also, creating transitions between sound and dialogue. Sound editing is an essential part of the audio post-production process.
We offer a fully bespoke editing package and service.

Audio Mastering.

Audio mastering requires us to prepare and transfer the final mix of a recording to a digital storage device. The preferred format of choice is digital mastering although analogue mastering onto cassette tapes is still being widely used within certain industries such as the legal services.

Sound Restoration, Audio Clean up, Sound Enhancement.

The processes we use entail techniques that enhance, digitise and restore audible sources from analogue media, such as video, vinyl recordings and magnetic tapes. During the restoration phase, recordings can be cleaned and enhanced using our expert knowledge, professional software and digital processing units.

Audio Forensics and Voice Forensics.

All types of recording media can be analysed within the process of audio forensics. Analysis, enhancement, voice analysis, voice identification, sound recovery, sound repair and tape cleanup also fall into this category. Equipment such as hidden microphones, Dictaphones, mobile phones and surveillance cameras are used to record conversations of third parties. Due to the manner and positioning of the units during recording, we find the dialogue is unintelligible, hidden or inaudible because of background noise, sounds, clicks, pops, buzzes and distortion. In forensic audio, through the use of our professional software and latest hardware we will uncover the required voice(s) or sounds that are needed when investigating. It is mainly but not restricted to making inaudible speech or sound audible or intelligible. For assistance in this department please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Audio Video Synchronization.

This term refers to the synchronization of the video track and sound track. This is part of the process we deal with during the post production stages of editing video with sound. When sound and vision have a timing related issue, synchronization is required between these two separate tracks. Areas we cover and can assist you with include: film, television, presentation, video conferencing and so forth.

Audio Transfer Services - Digital Duplication Services.

The services we offer under this title are varied. Rather than separate what we offer into many different sections we have brought them together as one title. Included in this section are restoration of analogue micro cassettes, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl EP’s and LP’s of which we will clean, reformat, digitally enhance and then re-record and duplicate onto either CD or DVD disc. This category also includes archiving of media and dubbing, DVD duplication, audio duplication, tape transfer and audio transfer services.

Translation And Transcription Services.

We provide to individuals, companies, organisations and the public sector a first class audio transcription and translation service. We specialise in both forensic audio transcriptions and general transcriptions. We assist transcription companies and transcriptionists with the sound clean up process and any requested enhancement of their sound files. In addition to this we offer our translation services. Our translators are all native language speakers and have either extensive experience or full qualifications within their chosen field of translation.

Freelancing and Outsourcing.

Outsourcing to our audio production department allows a client greater flexibility and less overheads.

Clients often need fast turnarounds on very tight deadlines.

As a team we can reduce the added pressure if you do not have enough resources to cover your project or you have an overflow of work.

Another positive aspect of freelancing or contracting services out to industry professionals such as ourselves is budgets. As a production team we can produce a project at a set price which means that during the slow periods there are no permanent staff wages or salaries to cover. Our production team can work from their production studio and supply you with your post production requirements by connecting from our studio to your office via the internet .

Game Sound Design.

With over 25 years of experience we offer Game Developers our professional services as audio editors, sound designers and voiceover directors. We can assist your video game development with the following.

  • Audio editing

  • Audio mastering  

  • Video game voiceovers

  • Video game voice casting  

  • Music compositions

  • Bespoke sound effects


Sound effect libraries and music.

In addition to creating custom music and sound effects for our clients, we also have access to an extensive source of both music and sound effect libraries. We offer all our clients the royalties on their custom recordings produced at our post production studio and endeavour to source quality royalty free libraries if requested by the client. Alternatively, the client also has the option to purchase royalty licenses on recordings that contain endorsements.

Sound Design.

Sound design requires us to implement our expert audio skills in areas which call for the more creative side of audio engineering. These areas can include but are not limited to the non-compositional elements of movies, video games, musical recordings, multimedia projects, commercials, advertisements and film media.

Sound Design can also be defined as:

"The manoeuvring, transformation and transition of all audible elements to achieve the desired effect."

So why not let us create and design for you!

Voice Over Production and Voice Casting.

In addition to producing voice overs we also specialise in voice production services and voice casting services. The voice production services include:


Website Audio Recording.

Through today's applications the process has been simplified to accommodate audio. Whether it be websites, podcasting, social media, gaming programs, e-learning applications or business presentations, anywhere audio is required, we can professionally help you. We can also combine audio into your Powerpoint or Camtasia presentations.


Proworks is located within the United Kingdom and is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

We operate throughout the UK as well as globally.


Being audio experts in the services we provide, we are leaders in our specialised fields providing that special quality service with a bespoke touch. We understand how important your requirement or project is. With over 25 years of individual professional experience within our fields, we are qualified sound and voice experts totally dedicated and committed to providing a professional and complete polished product or service in a timely fashion whilst tailoring and accommodating to meet each of our client's individual specific needs, requests and/or requirements.


We accept files via either Internet file transfer, Royal Mail or express couriers.


We offer a completely confidential and impartial service with a private web login in for all our clients to download and access their completed files. We can also send your files via

Royal Mail formatted on CD / DVD (or even your own USB drive when provided).


Your confidentiality and Security is a very important part of the discreet service we provide and we maintain compliance with UK and all international privacy regulations.


Contact Us with any enquiry about the services we offer and we will reply to you regarding your individual requirements, projects or budgets. We are happy to advise the best options available and discuss any concerns with you regarding your project criteria or any special request you may have.



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