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Transcription Services.

Why choose Proworks-Audio as your transcription company?


At Proworks-Audio we have in-depth experience using the best in digital transcription technology available. Our services come with over 25 years experience and extensive knowledge within the audio, sound, voice, analytics, administration and business fields.
We cover an extensive wide range of fields due to our background of expertise. We have trained ears that can decipher audible and perhaps to some inaudible dialogue and transcribe them into word format transcriptions from audio files.
We pride ourselves on excelling our client's expectations with our after care service, customer service and the quality of our transcripts.
Confidentiality and security is of utmost importance to us as a part of the service that we offer and we maintain regulation compliance with international and UK privacy laws.



We understand that cheap does not always mean quality or even cost effective and this is why we always focus on quality cost effective solutions for our clients.
We always make it a point to ensure our high quality services are affordable, delivered fast, efficiently, effectively and reliably to clients within the UK and worldwide. We are not a remote location or offshore business and we will only outsource to industry professional transcriptionists and transcribers.
These professionals will be UK based and have the experience and credentials that meet the criteria and high standards expected of quality audio transcription companies. UK representation allows us the opportunity to provide and offer a secure level of customer service with our United Kingdom support team.



Our client base includes a wide spectrum of individuals and industries such as


Our audio transcription services are popular with corporate companies, analysis groups, television and radio production houses, legal services, as well as private individuals.


Acceptable Media Formats.

At Proworks-Audio we have only the best state of the art technological hardware and custom software applications with all the resources to accept every digital format possible.
Analogue formats that we are able to accept are as follows:
Cassette magnetic tapes, micro cassette tapes and VHS video tapes.


Our Transcription Services.

As first class industry leaders and qualified experts in our fields, we maintain pride in ourselves for providing professional transcriptions in the following service areas:

  • Forensic transcription

  • Legal transcription

  • 999 transcription

  • Media transcription

  • Audio transcription

  • Tape transcription

  • Interview transcription

  • Market research transcription

  • Foreign language transcription


Contact Us.

Contact Us with any enquiry relating to the services we offer and how we can assist you further regarding your projects, requirements or budgets. We are also happy to discuss and offer advice and the best options available for your specific criteria, needs or requests.




Call us direct on +44 07768878954


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