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Foreign Language Voice Over Artists


Professional foreign voice talent accommodates businesses who are interested in securing an international global presence. This allows the business to source a broader market with their subject matter and promote this through a wide spectrum of cultures and different languages reducing the barriers between cultural communications.


Proworks-Audio supplies international foreign voice talent who are experienced and proficient within their artistic disciplines. These include recordings for:




film, TV and radio


We can source a boundless, universal and widespread scope of language dialogues, foreign dialects and local regional accents to suit and meet our clients’ requirements and expectations.


At Proworks-Audio we engage our focus close to our clients, and arrange each work case on its own qualities, ensuring we source the appropriate voice talent from our extravagant and sizable portfolio of voices.


We can deliver languages and foreign dialects to meet with our clients specifications.


Our portfolio of foreign voices meets the strict criteria required to produce high quality recordings. All our international voice over artists are native speakers in their own target language. This certifies that all dialogue and pronunciations are accurately articulated and enunciated.


Our foreign voices and language services consist of a wide range of male and female voices with a mixture and variety of expressions, ages, characters, styles and languages.


We adjust all scripting in compliance with cultural adaptations of spoken dialogue to comply with many different cultures and their target audience.


As a fully equipped professional recording studio we also offer an extensive range of audio production services including:



Script translation

Foreign language translation



These services can be viewed by visiting the appropriate pages on our website.







For Foreign Language Voiceover Services
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Foreign Language Voiceover Services at Proworks-Audio.


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