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Our in-house female voice talent Elly B has had over 25 years experience as a professional singer, song writer, voice over and recording artist. Having toured and worked with many well known and established artists and businesses both in Australia and in the UK, Elly has worked as a professional singer and voice talent within both studio and live performance environments.


Elly B's Vocal Credits


Studio session jingles and commercials for radio, TV, spoken word and singing, in-house voice talent for the amusement and online casino game industries, as well as PC and console games, corporate narrations and cartoon character work to name a few.
Elly's native language is English, British, Australian, however she has also undertaken and conducted projects in foreign languages such as Italian and Spanish. Elly offers additional services in, scriptwriting, proofreading Italian and English foreign language translations as well as creating custom vocal sound effects



To hear samples of Elly's singing and voice talent abilities please visit her website.


EllyB - UK Female Voiceover Artist



Our in-house studio male vocal specialist Paul, has had over 25 years experience as a professional sound designer, sound editor, vocal director/producer and voiceover talent.


Paul's Credits


In-house voiceover for the amusement and online casino games industries.


PC and console games specialising in both narration and character work.


Professional sound designer, producing and creating:

  • Jingles

  • Voiceovers

  • Vocalist

  • Recording vocalists

  • Character voices

  • Backing music

  • Sound effects



To find out more about Paul please Contact Us at Proworks-Audio.





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