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Forensic audibility analysis - Audio enhancement services.


We are industry leading audio forensics experts. Our forensic sound services include: analysis, enhancement, transcriptions, as well as audio evidence and audibility analysis.


Recording equipment such as hidden microphones, Dictaphones, mobile phones and surveillance cameras are commonly used to record conversations of third parties. Due to the manner and positioning of these recordings, we often find that the vocal dialogue is hidden, inaudible or even unintelligible because of background sounds, noise, clicks, buzzes, pops and sometimes distortion, this where our professional expert knowledge and experience to uncover the evidence is required and the demand is constantly growing on a daily basis.


In audio forensics, through the use of advanced and refined techniques as well as the very latest professional forensics software and sound hardware, combined with our vast expert audio forensics knowledge and also our expertise as professional audibility and voice experts, we can uncover the required voice(s) or sounds that are needed when investigating these files.


This complex process involves making inaudible speech or sound, audible and intelligible. Therefore due to the heavy demand of analysing and enhancing speech within an audio recording, our voice experts are called upon to implement their expertise in the areas of
voice forensics, voice analysis, voice identification,
voice noise reduction and voice enhancement.


To summarise, forensic audio incorporates the use of very complex scientific investigation tools as well as expert knowledge and the application of specialist hardware and sound software to digitally determine or bring forward the authenticity and/or audibility of any recording. The results can assist in many areas of today’s society.


All types of recording media can be analysed whether digital or analogue format and we also work with English and foreign language recordings.


We help authenticate and verify recordings for:

  • Defence solicitors

  • Private investigators

  • Security companies

  • Courts

  • The media

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Corporate organisations

  • Private individuals

  • Members of the public sector

  • Institutions and professionals


Our specialised services:

  • Sound identification

  • Muffled speech identification

  • Voice detection

  • Voice forensics

  • Voice identification

  • Transcriptions

  • Buzz, click and pop removal

  • Clipped audio repair

  • Audio analysis

  • Voice analysis

  • Distortion removal

  • Enhancement

  • Background conversation enhancement

  • Hidden microphone recording clean up

  • Audio noise removal

  • Audio recovery

  • Dialogue deciphering

  • Digital forensics

  • Poor quality recording restoration

  • Audio evidence

  • Background noise enhancement

  • Dictaphone recording clean up

  • Authenticity checking

  • Mobile phone interference and noise removal

  • Enhance audibility and intelligibility of dialogue or sound

  • Muffled recorded dialogue or conversations



For audio forensics service
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